Nomination Guidelines

Meet Information:

Coaches will identify meets they would like their squads to attend. These are available on the website CLICK HERE for Target meets

Some meets require that a Qualifying Time (QT) has already been met, these events are identified in the meet flyer and all QTs will be enforced.

All sanctioned meets can be found on the Swimming Queensland website. If there are any meets you would like to attend that are not on the NR website, please let us know.

Meet Nominations & Payments:

Swimmers able to enter meets online via MyLane as well as see upcoming meets and news from your Club, State and Swimming Australia. Please ensure you have your user name and password ready for MyLane.

This form of entry is called online meet entry OME.  Follow these instructions.

At Swim Meets

Clubs are required to provide time keepers at most meets. If you nominate your child for a meet, please be prepared to volunteer on the day. A timekeeping roster will be arranged prior to the meet.

It is club policy that all swimmers must swim in a NR swimming cap. 

Swimming caps and club shirts are available for purchase at the pool.

If you require any further information about meets, please email