About MyLANE

What is MyLANE?

MyLANE is a personalised portal for members to view their race results, track times against PB’s and QT’s as well as goal times. Swimmers will also be able to enter meets online as well as see upcoming meets and news from your Club, State and Swimming Australia direct to your portal.

How do I access MyLANE?

You can login to your MyLANE portal by visiting this link: https://mylane.swimming.org.au

What is my username and password?

Your username and password for MyLANE are the same as the ones you currently use to enter meets online.  If you do not know what they are please contact your club who can email them out to you.

How do I reset my username and password?

You can reset your username and password yourself by clicking on the Access tab on your My Profile page in MyLANE. 

My username and password are not letting me login to MyLANE?

If your password is not working, make sure that you are not using your first name as your password.  MyLANE will not accept this as a password. Try a more secure combination.

Do I need a login for every member of my family?

Each member of the family will have their own login.  You will not be able to view the swim results of another family member through your MyLANE portal.

How do I view my results?

You can view your swim results by clicking on the My Results tab on the menu on the MyLANE home page.  You will be able to select dates for the period of race times you are looking for or even sort by your fastest time. To compare your results to a Qualifying Time (QT) you can enter the QT in the other time section and it will show up on the graph against your current results.  

Who do I contact if a recent result is not being displayed?

If a recent result is not being displayed on MyLANE that means it hasn’t yet been uploaded into Swimming Australia’s National Results database. You will need to check with the meet organiser to find out when the results will be published. If they are still not showing after this process you will need to contact your State Swimming Association.